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Your thoughts on Rank Shows Value
Rankings can be found everywhere, whether in real life or on the Internet. But we rarely sit still and speculate about rank. What does ranking data mean? What is its value? For websites, Blexb believes that website rankings can explain some information of the website and reflect its value to a certain extent, so the first thing our plugin does is to accompany the user's browsing to instantly display the global ranking of any website the user visits. Rank Shows Value is one of Blexb's concepts, and we want to be recognized, but also to hear some different voices.

Awards And Selection Process

Scholarship award amount The only winner will receive $1,000. How to participate •Write an essay by topic (at least 500 words). •Share your participation in the Blexb scholarship program OR your experience of using Blexb on Twitter. You need to add this link ( and mention the official Twitter account of Blexb (@blexbofficial) in your post. There is no limit to the number of characters in the post. •Submit your essay and the URL of the Tweet you published via the application form below.
Submit Your Application
Deadline Submit your application by October 15, 2023. Judging Criteria •Essay quality accounts for 90%. •Tweet likes and retweets account for 10%. Participants are required to submit an application on Blexb's scholarships page to be eligible for the scholarship.

Why Get Involved

√You would win a scholarship of $1,000. √Blexb focuses on Tech & Digital Marketing, the entry experience will enrich your resume. √This is an opportunity to speak out and express your opinions. Blexb will publish excellent essays through multiple channels after the winner is generated. Your essay would be read by many people.

Entry Instructions

•Students from high school, undergraduate school, or graduate school in any country can participate in this project. •There is no age limit. •The essay should be written in English, and the Tweet language is not limited. •One person can only submit one application. •Blexb employees and their immediate family members are not eligible for this contest. •The scholarship program and the participants are bound by law. •Price is issued in United States dollars (USD). •The winner is responsible for taxation. •The submitted essays will be the property of Blexb. •The final interpretation right of this project belongs to Blexb. •If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Winner Announcement And Prize Distribution

The winner will be announced on November 30, 2023. By then, the winner will be notified by email to distribute the prize. The winner needs to respond within 5 days, overdue will be disqualified, and the prize will be deferred to the next highest-scoring applicant. The prize will be paid by paypal, so the winner will be required to provide his/her paypal account information to complete the transfer.

About Blexb

Blexb is an excellent Internet tool dedicated to providing website global ranking, service outage information, traffic data analysis, keyword optimization services to help users obtain more comprehensive information about any website they like or interested in. Our extension Blexb - Alexa Rank Alternative enables users to instantly know the global ranking of the currently viewed website without interrupting browsing.


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